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Signs of menopause - how to tell if you have symptoms of menopause

If you have taken the advice to understand menopause and it's symptoms then you'll have a good idea about what the signs of menopause are. The problem is, most women will turn their noses up at the mention of the "M" word during a conversation and want to talk about something a little more pleasant.

It's a phenomenon known as "menopause deflection" because many people have decided the subject should only relate to older women. In other words, it's a sign they're getting old and they are not ready to discuss it.

The issue here is when menopause finally arrives, they are simply not ready for it and the area it affects them most is mentally. The truth is, menopause is not about feeling old; there is always a right time to discuss it because the better prepared for it you are then the better you'll be able to cope with it when it "comes a knocking at your door."

So what are the menopause signs? Well, they are numerous. One of the issues with the symptoms of menopause is that sometimes you may get a "false start." That is, thyroid issues could be at play and these can mask themselves giving a woman a false impression that menopause may be at play.

You should always go and see your doctor at the first sign of menopause or what you think maybe menopause and have it either confirmed or denied.

10 Signs Of Menopause

In this article, we will list ten of the more common menopause signs. There are definitely more than ten but the reality is, most women will only ever experience some of the symptoms on the list.

Some experience symptoms others don't but there are at least a dozen or so signs which most women can identify with. Let's take a look at some of the signs.

1. Hot flashes is always at the top of the list. It's a condition all on it's own and there wouldn't be too many women experiencing menopause who have experienced hot flashes.

2. Night sweats like hot flashes are very common and extremely uncomfortable. In fact, other signs of menopause can be directly related to both hot flashes and night sweats.

3. One of these is irritability. Lack of sleep due to the above symptoms will leave a woman feeling tired the next day and the result of this is feeling irritated.

4. Lack of sleep makes the top four and is a direct result hot flashes or night sweats.

5. Mood swings is another "biggie." Again, it can be as a result of the above symptoms.

6. Irregular periods is another one of the more common symptoms. In fact, it probably should be higher up the list and if your periods have been irregular for any length of time don't ignore them, see your doctor.

7. Emotional stress such as breaking into tears for seemingly no reason at all or feeling depressed or getting feelings of apprehension or serious self doubt.

8. Lack of libido. This doesn't really need to be explained.

9. Lack of energy. Fatigue is another major symptom and one of the more common menopause signs and again, can be directly related to some of the above symptoms.

10. Dry vagina is another common symptom of menopause.

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